European Cup Inline Speedskating

Interim Ranking after 8 races!

You can find the interim ranking after the race in Worgl HERE. In case you have questions or remarks, please use the contact form.

arena geisingen international

Dear skaters,

The arena geisingen international race has topped it's maximum number of 900 skaters!

No further registrations can be accepted.

European Cup Update

Registrations for the race in Heerde, the Netherlands, are open as of now. That means Registrations for the race in Heerde, the Netherlands, are open as of today.

Please be aware that registration for Lagos will at an increased price as of 17th March.

Dear inline speedskating fan,

Registrations for the 2017 series of the European Cup Inline Speedskating are now open.

This year's European Cup has 9 stages, with well known races across different countries. We are proud to welcome a new race venue with the 14th Terras do Infante Inline Speed Skating in Lagos, Portugal.

New this year in the registration process is that you will have to pay the registration fees online at the end of the regsitration process. In some races you can order and pay already meals as well.

You will also find the options to share your registration for each race on social media. Please use this opportunity to promote our fantastic sport!

Enjoy your time at the most reputed tracks in Europe and ... Let the Races Begin!


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