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Wörgl International Kriterium

From 07 June 2024 to 09 June 2024

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Holland Cup - Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe

From 21 June 2024 to 23 June 2024

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Flanders Grand Prix

From 12 July 2024 to 14 July 2024

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6 Giorni Rotellistica - Santa Maria Nuova (Italy)

From 07 August 2024 to 11 August 2024

Speedskating Kriterium Gross-Gerau

From: 22 April 2022 To: 24 April 2022

Am Hallenbad 9 -  64521 Gross-Gerau (Germany)
Blau-Gelb Groß-Gerau

Experience Inline Speedskating in perfection, challenge world champions and world games winners, meet old and new friends in Gross-Gerau, experience the perfect competition week-end - Welcome to the 44. International Speedskating Kriterium in the heart of the Rhein Main region!

Registration and Payment, please see:

Accepted cards:


SA 2022

Registrations open from 15 April 2022 to 15 April 2022

CategoryWomenManRegistration feefee from 15 April 2022
U 9No limitNo limit€-30€-25
U 10No limitNo limit€-30€-25
U 11No limitNo limit€-30€-25
U 12No limitNo limit€-30€-25
U 13No limitNo limit€-30€-25
CadetNo limitNo limit€0€35
YouthNo limitNo limit€0€35
JuniorNo limitNo limit€0€35
SeniorNo limitNo limit€0€35

Last 10 registered skaters

First nameLast nameCountry
Paula EllenNilssenKenya

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